TechGenYZ is a leading source of news and information on latest Technology, Social Media, Startup, Digital Innovation and more, which influence the people around the world. From its inception, the company aims at providing technology news, coverage on social media and advise on startup, SEO, online marketing – all-in-one platform for generation Y and Z.

Our coverage cutting-edge technology and gadgets news help connected generation to relate their life with the ongoing technological advancements.

Our Story


How We Started

In a fine evening on June 2015, TechGenYZ started its journey in an aim to feed generation Y & Z with information that matters to them.

Today technology and social media are playing crucial role in shaping our daily life. We live in an information society where the leading role has been given to new technologies, especially those devoted to information. We aim at collecting these information on digital innovation and to bring it all for our readers.

We not only provide news on tech or gadgets, rather we provide a solution to a problem by our expert guest authors having a skill set in particular domain.

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Our core values are Integrity, Innovation, Quality, Honesty and Excellence. We have a team of crazy people believe in creative thinking and having skillset in different domains. We always keep on asking ourselves are we doing enough to serve our readers. This question leads to conclusion of finding innovative ways to reach out to our growing reader base.

TechGenYZ was founded in 2015 having a simple mission – to connect our readers with the information of the digital innovation and how technology affecting our day-to-day live.

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