LinkedIn acquires recruitment technology startup Connectifier

Feb 6, 2016, 3:37 am

Chaitali T.

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Though share of LinkedIn plunged 35% yesterday the company’s revenue grew 34% year-over-year in the fourth quarter to $862 million and increased 35% in 2015 to $2,991 million. In its Q4, 2015 earning statement largest professional networking site in the world also announced that it has acquired Connectifier, a technology startup helps recruiter to find talent.

California based Connectifier provides recruitment solutions to discover and connect with candidates and used by the companies from social networks to spacecraft, financial company to supply chains. Last year LinkedIn acquired at $1.5 billion and with this acquisition will help build LinkedIn to improve their core solutions – Talent Solutions for recruiter and job seekers.

Connectifier founded by two ex-Googler John Jersin and Ben McCann raised $6 million funding last year. The startup which primarily focus on building AI solutions listed 43 employees on their website came from world-class institutions and companies including Google, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Caltech, NASA, Amazon, and Berkeley National Lab.

On joining LinkedIn team John Jersin Co-Founder and CEO of the company in a blog post writes,

“We believe that human capital is the world’s most important asset. We care about building deeply powerful technology to solve real problems. And we want the very best for our current and future customers. As we announce that we will be joining LinkedIn, these goals still drive us forward, and we believe that our most exciting product announcements lie in our future.”

Connectifier has around 400 million of database and its clients include Facebook, eBay, Twitter, PayPal, Salesforce among others. Though the entire team will not join LinkedIn Jersin said rather

“our R&D team will be relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area to play a large role in the future of the LinkedIn Talent Solutions product line.”

Employment platform has grown rapidly in last couple of years but, the industry lacked the innovation. Connectifier artificial intelligence will help give recruiters a complete view of prospective job candidates and a way to connect with those candidates.

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