Tesla to unveil Model 3 on March 31st at 8:30pm PT

Tesla Model 3

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At the end of this month Tesla Motors is going to unveil its highly anticipated mass-market electric car, Tesla Model 3. Tesla Motors, one of the most sought after brands in automobile industry has been selling expensive cars for several years and the company all set to announce its new model on March 31. Here are the all details you need to know about the new model, price, reservations, ahead before you take delivery of your Model 3.

Reservations for model 3 will be starting from March 31 2016 worldwide. If you are eager to have the brand new model from the luxury car manufacturer, there are two ways to confirm your reservation. First, you can visit your nearest Tesla store; you can check it here when it opens on March 31 or you can simply visit Tesla.com to make online reservation when the live unveil starts at 8.30pm PT.


Tesla Model 3

You must have to spend approximately $1,000 for the pre-order, but it is refundable. Below is a chart Tesla published on their website with the amount you need to put down for reservations in your local currency.

USD$ 1,000
CAD$ 1,000
MXN$ 20,000
EUR€ 1.000
DKKkr. 10.000
GBP£ 1,000
NOKkr. 10.000
CHFCHF 1’000
SEK10.000 kr
AUD$ 1,500
RMB¥ 8,000
HKD$ 10,000
JPY¥ 150,000

Though the company has officially not announced the price of the model, here we can tell you how much you need to pay for Model 3. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, in an interview with Bloomberg on February told that the more affordable Tesla will hit the targeted price of $35,000 with additional incentives that could vary in different states.

The company is an announcement said the production of the Model 3 will start in 2017 but not confirmed when it will be delivered to the consumers. Though not at the same time, Tesla will first ship the car in North America from the West Coast towards moving east and later on at other high-end markets in APAC and Europe.

Source: Tesla

Image: Tesla

Tesla to unveil Model 3 on March 31st at 8:30pm PT