Myntra is going back to Desktop version from June 1

May 4, 2016, 2:37 pm

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Flipkart owned Myntra is going back to desktop version again – will re-launch its desktop site on June 2016. The fashion e-commerce site in May last year went app-only as 95% of the websites internet traffic and over 70% of sales were generated through mobile devices.

The company failed to meet the expectation after its ‘End of Reason’ sale in January the company now plans to go back to their earlier version. India’s largest e-commerce site Flipkart in May, 2014 has acquired online fashion retailer Myntra in an estimated Rs 2,000 crore deal.  Since then Myntra has become as one of the largest online fashion stores in the country but was criticised by users and analysts for making the app only business.


“We have been humble enough to realise and listen to our customers’ needs and hence, we are re-launching the desktop version on June 1. This will help us bring back customers, help women shop more on different screens and suit our newly launched furnishing and jewellery categories,”

-said Ananth Narayanan, CEO, Myntra.

Use of smartphone in online shopping has increased in recent years and is going to be game changer in the online m-commerce industry by 2020. According to industry analysts as India is not fully prepared to experience app-only shopping going back to desktop will certainly increase customer base.

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