Google unveils Art Camera capable of taking “gigapixel” images

Art Camera

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Google has taken a major initiative to preserve the artistic creation of world’s art and culture and bring it online for the art lovers. Before the company’s annual developer conference Google I/O kicks off the tech giant has unveiled an Art Camera capable of capturing gigapixel images.

The Art Camera is a custom built has ability to snap ultra high resolution images quickly capture real world art works and to allow the web users the ability to view art up close down to the very brushstrokes. Google has built only 20 of these Art Cameras to be used for digitalizing images and will not be available for the mass audience.

Google gigapixel image

The newly launched camera has a robotic system which will take thousands of high-resolution close-ups by using both the laser and sonar system. Google has already digitalized thousand of art images and those are being shared in Google Culture Institute website, so people can get as close to experiencing the art as possible, apart from viewing it in real life.

Art Camera Image by Berthe Morisot

As a part of Google Cultural Institute’s first five years celebration Google has shared some great images by famous painters online and you can have sneak peak of these images here.

Source: Google Cultural Institute

Featured Image: Google Cultural Institute



Google unveils Art Camera capable of taking “gigapixel” images