Google Photos turned a year older with 200 million users

Google Photo

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Google Photos turned a year older, the application for storing all your photos stepped into second year. Now 200 million of users worldwide use Google Photos for storing their selfies, photos and videos in an organized way since its inception last year.

Google Photos app has become a stand-alone platform for its users as the company shut down Picasa on May 2016. Now more than 1.6 billion animations, collages and movies, among other things are users through Google Photos. In last one year users collectively freed up to 13.7 petabytes of storage on their devices that would take approximately 424 years to swipe through this many photos.

Google photo shortcuts

To celebrate first birthday of Google Photos, Google has released some updates on its official blog for more efficient way of organizing users’ data.

Here are those tips for you

  1. If you want see the keyboard shortcuts for Google Photos on the web at just tap Shift-?
  2. In settings users can select to convert their all the uploaded data from Original Quality to the free High Quality size to recover lots of space.
  3. Now you can search to pull up your corresponding photos by entering your favorite emoji into the search option.
  4. Go to search and choose “Show More” and then “Recently Added” to easily find the recent uploads.
  5. By tapping into device folders from the top of the albums page on Android, to see which folders are backed-up. Double click that all screenshots are safe.
  6. An option to create a shared album for your family. Every time you add a new photo, everyone can get notification so they can see your latest photos and videos.
  7. You can edit both the time and time zone of a photo or group of photos to put them in the right order into the library. Change one and they all get adjusted.
  8. At the top of the albums page on mobile, you can scroll the carousel to the right and tap on the video tile to get view of all the videos into the library.

Google photo edit

This year Google has announced couple of new apps like Duo, Allo along with some other upcoming services those will be launched soon.

Source: Google Blog

Image Credit: Google Blog

Google Photos turned a year older with 200 million users