Google Now on Tap, launched as part of Android Marshmallow, now allows you to translate text from any screen. Google’s Now on Tap feature is indeed very useful for instant searches where users do not even need to type down the search term.

Google is now going to make the service even more useful with the addition of instant translations. Now on Tap, which can translate certain languages to and from your native tongue, now supports any mobile app or screen on your Android device.

The translation feature is available for phones with the language set to English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian, Google said in a blog post. You can even translate multiple languages on a single screen.

Users highlight text in a foreign language and get a pop-up option to translate it. But Now on Tap should ideally make the process near automatic as with other now on Tap functions, holding down the phone’s home button activate it. This latest now on Tap update also adds a few other features. This includes support for scanning Bar codes and QR codes with a phone’s camera.