Google to launch Chromebook unlocking feature with a PIN soon

Chromebook Unlocking

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When it comes about user security Google always stays one step ahead of other technology companies. The search engine giant in near future to add personal identification number (PIN) for unlocking your Chromebook.

As of now Google lets users to secure their Chromebook device either by using their Google account or by using a synced smartphone. A recent Google+ post by François Beaufort, developer at Google says the feature will allow users to unlock screen with a simple PIN in Chrome OS.

“All you have to do is enable the flag chrome://flags/#quick-unlock-pin, restart Chrome, and go to Chrome Material Design settings page for now to set up your Lock Screen PIN in the new “Screen Lock” section. When it’s done, lock your screen with ? + L and enjoy the new unlock experience!”

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This new feature is currently in still experimental stage and being tested in the latest Dev update. François also noted that the unlocking Chromebook screen with a PIN will simplify the user experience in touch devices.

Users sometimes face problem remembering multiple password like Google account details or initial login to start-up computer.  And if you use longer password with mix of characters and numbers the experience becomes more miserable. The latest feature will help users to unlock screen using four-digit PIN rather than their entire Google account password.

Source: François Beaufort Via: Verge

Image: François Beaufort

Google to launch Chromebook unlocking feature with a PIN soon