We always wonder about how much time it will take to read one article from a site, sometimes it is predictable by its length and sometimes hard to predict.

Now there is one extension available in the Chrome Store named “Read Time” which shows how much average time you will need to read that one article which you came across on the Web.

Read Time PluginThis extension is not for any Web analytics, only the real time calculator which calculates the read time of an article. After calculating the read time, you can decide whether to read that article or to save it for later. You might be slow or faster than what Read Time shows on the browser as its default value is 228 words per minute.

The new extension works very fast in calculating time using Firefox readability library. You also need not to worry since the extension doesn’t send any of your data to any website.

This real time displays a customizable pop-up on every page you load in Chrome, and will show the read time. It can be your handy application since most of the users get articles from social media site and read it on web browser. It will certainly help them saving the article to read it later.

Want to give a try? You can get this extension in the Chrome Web Store for free.