Google Chrome for Android: Faster and more efficient with new updates

Google Chrome for Android

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Google Chrome is every person’s favorite desktop browser, along with it Google Chrome browser also available for Android Smart phones. Today Google Inc. has announced the plan for making the Android Browser more fast and efficient.

Along with it, the network or phone problem such as poor connection or 2G data connectivity will not play any role in the new features of Data Savers, downloads, content discovery which avoid those previous issues.

Google Chrome for Android

The Data Saver mode will now compress the videos and which allows to save up to 67% of your data. It also compresses the image and text which you load from a website.

The most interesting part is if users go offline there is an option to dinosaur game which Google built until you wait for the network. Furthermore, the new updates come with a lot new feature – you can save content links of the of a webpage. It will also give the offline video features and the download automatically will start resuming where it paused last and those saved video videos can be accessed offline along with the entire content web page.

The Discover new content personalize feature will suggest users to visit some website with some fresh content.

This new release will be available in play store or can update it with those new features.

Source: Chrome Blog

Google Chrome for Android: Faster and more efficient with new updates