Facebook launches beta version of Cross-Platform Analytics for apps

Cross Platform Analytics

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Facebook has launched Cross-Platform Analytics beta version in Facebook Analytics for web measurement and cross-platform metrics. The most popular social media platform connects around 1.6 billion people across the globe is adding new features in it day-by-day.

The social media giant in its blog post says, 53% of people having two devices switch between them to complete tasks or activities. Additionally, the interesting part is 77% of people who have three or more devices do the same.

Facebook knows that what should be included and knows its prosperity. The Analytics app built in an aim to help the business to know their customer very well. Since the introduction at F8 in 2015, so far over 800,000 unique apps have used, which is completely free of cost.  With this Analytics app users can get the whole profile of customer behavior on their mobile and as well as in desktop.

The beta version Cross-Platform Analytics will allow developer to get rich insights without even a Facebook Login or user of any other Facebook product. There are couple of more things are coming with this new update. You’ll get a complete overview of User properties and Sharing insights from your Facebook Analytics dashboard.

Facebook Cross-Platform Analytics

The User properties will permit you to integrate online and offline customer data i.e. you can combine and filter data from the Facebook and from mobile apps and main data using the CRM.

Needless to say, Sharing Insights is the most interesting feature of Facebook Cross-Platform Analytics. As a developer you can track the no of content is shared on Facebook from your website along with this it also measures the virality that update. The dashboard comes with predictive analytics feature and let you know whether your content will become popular in the social platform.

Furthermore, Facebook Cross-Platform Analytics will provide the facility to create Customer Audience from people who have shared specific content from your website on Facebook.

Source: Facebook Analytics

Image: Facebook Analytics

Facebook launches beta version of Cross-Platform Analytics for apps