5 Ideas To Enhance Engagement On Your Ecommerce Store

Oct 20, 2016, 3:56 pm

Maulik S.

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With the increasing competition in the online market, it has become vital for ecommerce businesses to take crucial steps to keep their revenue generation on the rise. The concept of online stores is a bit different from that of physical stores. As the whole transaction is web based, businesses have to keep on developing their online store not just to offer quality products but also to keep the customers engaged with their brand. Having latest products and other back-end processes is certainly a plus point but for an ecommerce to excel, that’s not enough. You need to do something extra to engage your customers and to make them come back for more.

Here are 5 brilliant ideas to enhance engagement on your Ecommerce store.

1. More Visual and Videos

The first thing that one looks at while visiting a site are the images displayed on the portal. No one plunges right into the text. So to keep the visitor engaged, the home page should be designed carefully with relevant images for maximum conversion. The more amount of time a visitor spends on a site, the more the chances of conversion. Promotional videos or creative videos explaining the mechanism of your store can be put up on the home page. Try to make your website more visual than textual. People are not interested in reading long texts but they certainly enjoy scrolling through some appealing visuals.

2. Product Customization/Personalization

Product customization increases customer engagement with the ecommerce. Enhanced customer engagement leads to increased satisfaction and customer loyalty. In today’s context of cut throat competitive market, there is a need to offer the latest features with bang on additions. When you offer the customer a change to customize their own products using any of the ecommerce product customization tools available in the market, they are actively participating in the process of product designing and hence are more involved in the whole transaction. You don’t need to offer all range of products under product customization, but be specified on the products and categories you want to offer under the feature. Product personalization helps you engage with maximized number of customers without offering a large variety of goods at offer. Just focus on the products that can bring in more profits for your store.

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3. Customer feedback & Live Chat

Customer feedback is an important point to note while we are talking about customer engagement. Allow your customers to provide feedback on the products and service quality. Customer feedbacks are fast becoming reliable source for generating leads and successful conversion of leads into a reliable loyal customer base. Being able to get real-time information and service solution assistance is what the ecommerce platform is moving towards today. Instantaneity is the ultimate prize and the crown jewel for best online platforms. You should also include an option of live chat on your site. Customers are more satisfied getting one to one answers rather than referring to the FAQs.

4. Social media

Social media platform is a major source where online stores are fishing today. Not only can you use social media to interact and connect with your customers, but can form an indirect chain as well. People like to share everything on their social media profiles these days. Provide buttons for all the major social media sites on the footer of your web pages. When a customer shares a product, that product becomes more reliable for other potential customers who might come across the shared post and the sales of the product increases as a result. Therefore, you must provide social media sharing and other interaction options on your ecommerce store to facilitate customer engagement with the brand. You can also go for Facebook stores, where you showcase your products along with links to your website where they can buy the product.

Social Media

5. Email Campaigns

Connect with your customers via emails. Try to get as many subscribers as possible. To ensure that your emails aren’t trashed before reading, include discount offers in the emails. You can provide timely discounts or free shipping to your loyal customers. Whenever your frequent buyers had been passive for a while, send out reminders of new products they might be interested in. Allure them with offers and discounts and send out polite mails and messages calling them back. Keep in touch with your customers with promotional mails, but make sure not to spam their inbox. It will only lead to an increased number of unsubscribers in that case.


Every business has its own strategy and they implement on their own terms. But when we are talking about a broad canvas like online shopping stores, some things work as a rule, the above ideas are a few examples of the same. All of them are tried and tested methods and leading ecommerce brands have become a household name following these very ideas or similar ones. To enhance engagement on your ecommerce stores, you should also adopt the above ideas that match your area of requirements.

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