The good news here for the NBA fans that they could check out live game with the 4K Ultra HD on this Saturday night via DIRECTV. If you want to take the benefit of the scheme you should have the proper package and equipment in Genie HR54 DVR Model HR54 or higher.

The AT&T tied up the NBA TV with the help of Turner Sports to bring the game live for their fans on 4K UHD environment. The company is all set to broadcast Denver Nuggets vs. Utah Jazz Game on Dec. 3 at 7P.m.MT/9 P.m.ET on DIRECTV in 4K Ultra HD. The exclusiveness of the 4K Ultra HD is, the resolution of HDTV will be four-time better with the sharper detail, richer color palette, smoother lines, best picture format and vibrant color TV experience.

According to the Chief Content Officer of AT&T Entertainment Group MR. Dan York “The 4K UHD experience on DIERCTV combines the excitement of the arena and the convenience of the living room”. He also added, “Live sport is one of the best way to showcase this incredibly vivid format and we believe NBA fans will love this unique video experience.”

This is not the first-time NBA game will go on air with 4K broadcasting. In 2015, the sports league conducted a very bounded 4K broadcast when the New York Knicks played the Milwaukee Bucks during NBA Global Games London. Not only that NBA tried another game back in January on UK and Canadian TV but this will be the first widely available game on the US.

Hope you There is a way to check in, in a game with 4K UHD via DIRECTV.