Virtual reality provides a great experience to users which offers different angle to see the world and to provide different environments for both real and imaginary. Google has developed its new mixed reality technology which removes the headset from a virtual reality, so in real time the viewers can see the wearers’ facial expressions.

Google Research, Google Daydream Labs and YouTube team together developed this technology. They used a blend of machine learning, 3D computer vision and advanced rendering techniques to remove headsets which allow viewer to see person’s identity and face in mixed reality. Mixed reality technology is a mediator between inside and outside virtual place which is used to create a complete picture in virtual reality.

Mixed reality requires a green screen, video camera and a modified version of the HTV Vive with eye-tracking kit to create 3D modal of person’s face. Removal of headset provides the better communication and social interaction in virtual reality itself with other applications like VR video conference meetings, multiplayer VR gaming, and exploration with friends and family.

VR users are the important part of the VR world and they are very much excited to be a part of it. It’s just the beginning of new technology. Google says, this technology is available in select YouTube spaces.