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Now Google Home connected speaker to support multi-user

Apr 10, 2017, 6:40 am

A card spotted in Google Home app by a writer Owen Williams implied that the connected speaker of Google Home will now support multiple users. Some of us have also seen the same card.

Well, it comes out that this upgrade was released coincidently because till now there is no sign of any “multi-user” upgrade beyond an impractical – ‘linked account(s)’ setting, but it’s not like that, that Google didn’t plan it till now.

Google account settings page says that the device now only supports a single account, but there is a possibility that this will change later.

According to Google “The default Google Account is the account you used to set up Google Home. Currently, Google Home supports one Google Account per Google Home device.”

But the tech writer Williams says that “it’s rumored that the speaker will be able to recognize individual voices in order to automatically switch accounts. This should enable users to select their own music playlists, get information on their own schedules and so on.”

TNW pointed out that this same card is also visible in the android as well as the iOS version of the app. Till now we asked Google for their comment and chances are that they will update with their response.

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