The concept of virtual reality provides platforms for creators to bring the audience new and impossible to visit places. The viewer gets to have an entirely new point on shows, sports and concerts that they care about. You can visit the Eiffel Tower, swim through the Great Barrier Reef, or even meet people face-to-face in a way, which is impossible to experience with a flat view of the world.

Virtual reality videos can be that powerful to capture your imaginations with an essence of reality, which led Google investing in the 360 and VR formats over the last 2 years. VR video is in fact the most popular way for experiencing VR. But, many creators and viewers want to make and see more immersive videos, as per reports received by Google. This led Google to work with their Daydream team on the latest video format, the VR180 to suffice the intent of making VR contents easier to create.

VR180 videos are high resolution focusing on what’s in front of you, and are amazing to watch on desktops and mobiles. Their seamless transition to VR experience when viewed with Daydream, Cardboard, and PSVR, allows you to view images stereoscopically in 3D that makes near things appear near, and far things look far. VR180 supports livestreaming of videos for creators and audiences to be together in real time.

VR180 lets creators to set up and film videos normally, just like with any other camera. Soon, they will be able to use familiar tools like Adobe Premiere Pro for editing purpose. Be it blogs or tutorials or music videos – the creations are to work grandly in VR.

Google is keeping in mind that supporting the format is only the beginning. They are, in fact, stepping up to make compatible cameras. Several manufacturers under the Daydream team are working from the ground up to make cameras for VR180. These cameras are to suffice in great looking of creations of the VR videos, as well as capturing highlights of life in VR.

The cameras can be conveniently used as point and shoot cameras at affordable price ranges. Videos and livestreams can be easy to upload on YouTube. Lenovo, LG, and YI are first of the manufacturers to come up with these cameras in the markets this winter. Google is opening up a VR180 certification program for other manufacturers, where Z CAM is to be one of their first partners.

For now, eligible creators can apply for a loan of an VR180-enabled camera from one of Google’s Youtube Spaces. You can learn more and sign up to get updates at

VR180 provides the opportunity for all to make VR memories easily. Google has only begun starting on scratching the surface of what can be further possible, while keeping an eye out to see the newly made videos.

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