‘SOS Alert’ feature launched by Google for crisis affected areas

Google SOS Alert

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Technology has always played a big role in ensuring the safety of people. In a bid to make the world a lot safer, Google has decided to add SOS button on its Maps and Searches from today. This is aimed to make its users feel safer and also provide a more comprehensive report on natural disasters and other crisis. The new ‘SOS Alert” feature will now be present prominently on the top of the search results or maps when users look for something about an affected area.

It is reported that the company worked with many different agencies which includes Red Cross, the Philippine Atmospheric, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and many more to get all these information.

When searching, Google will provide you with information about the current situation, relevant news, emergency contact numbers, websites and other information. If you are present in or are close to the affected area, then Google will also provide you with notification about all the information.

Google will pop up with information in Maps as well. Just like the search result, Maps will also provide information regarding the event, phone numbers and websites. Along with this, a map will also provide real time updates about the transit and road closures.

This new feature will be launched across the platform. This SOS Alert joins Google other services which provide relief in the crises affected areas. Other services include Google Crisis Map, Google Person Finder, and Google Public Alert.  

Source: Techcrunch

‘SOS Alert’ feature launched by Google for crisis affected areas