Enjoy MLB in a New VR Experience with Daydream

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Virtual reality has transformed the video and gaming experience and continuing to do it. It is assisting filmmakers in reaching to their audience in a unique perspective, involving the audience in the action. This is what the Daydream is assisting in doing many video makers, Film studios, TV networks, Musicians, YouTube Channels. Daydream team wants to bring their awesome work in the virtual reality.

To enable a great viewing experience on Daydream for the baseball audience, VR video has partnered with Major League Baseball to launch an original VR video series that provides an up-close, behind-the-scenes look at the lives of young MLB stars around the game. Daydream, together with the MLB.com At Bat VR app and the MLB.com Home Run Derby VR video game are debuting their latest collaboration: “On the Verge”.

This series of the videos will take you to the new experience with involving you in the action. The first episode of this series will take you on the field, inside the batting cage and to more places with young MLB stars Josh Bell (Pittsburgh Pirates), Mookie Betts (Boston Red Sox), Manuel Margot (San Diego Padres), and Jose Berrios (Minnesota Twins).

These four episodes are available on MLB.com and Bat VR Daydream app, that will combine live video streaming and real-time stats into a complete sports experience in VR.

VR video is closely involved with MLB to enhance the storytelling experience with Jump, Google’s VR video platform. It will help MLB to capture some stunning moments on and off the field to make the league the memorable.

Source: Google Blog

Enjoy MLB in a New VR Experience with Daydream