Google Assistant to Control All Kinds of Devices By Saying, “OK Google…”

Aug 31, 2017, 9:07 am

Aayushi P.

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Google has announced that they are bringing their AI powered Google assistant to their gadgets and to the various home appliances at the IFA expo in Germany. So that people can handle all their gadgets and devices by saying “Ok Google”.

For now, this Assistant is available for mobile devices and Google home speakers. But, soon it will be available for all the devices and gadgets. This assistant will be available for asking questions, playing music, handling home appliances and the gadgets.

This assistant is trying to match the Amazon Alexa as they use the third party gear so as the Google home. The company also stated that later this year, this assistant will be supported to the LG products like a washer, dryer, vacuum cleaner which are awaited.

IFA is up with the new more gadgets, But in the coming days, the user has really lacked the privacy and inaccessibility of these services in India.

Source: TheNextWeb

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