Communication is a vital part of any business, whether for sales or for internal communication. We all know the mishmash it creates when communication goes wrong. For a company that is widely spread around the world, right communication is the priority. Businesses have started using cloud telephony system for their external and internal communication because of its superb benefits. Apart from connecting sales reps to overseas customers, cloud telephony system also integrates your teams well.

Here are some tremendous benefits of using a virtual phone system. You will definitely find the reasons why most of the businesses are using it.

Cost Saving:

Providing customer support is as necessary as providing a good product. To create a good customer support, you might need a proper call center. That might not be a feasible option for a small business. Setting up a PBX phone system with all the hardware is not a feasible solution for many businesses. That’s where cloud telephony comes into the picture.

Virtual phone system allows you to open your personal call center within few minutes. All you need is an account of any cloud telephony provider and a device with internet. You can purchase toll-free numbers of any country, and start providing support to your customers. 

International calling is also a need of the day. Suppose you have target prospects in the USA, you can simply buy a US number and start making calls to your potential clients. The calling charges are very affordable, so any small business can develop the business overseas.

More reliable:

As all the data is stored in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about losing your customer data. On the other in-house PBX systems will take up tons of storage devices and maintenance. Still, there’s a fair chance of losing all the data if you have no backups. The Cloud shows its excellence in these kinds of areas where there’s fear of losing data.

Available for all businesses:

In-house PBX system costs a lot, and it’s not affordable for many small businesses. On the other hand, it’s not about the latest technology as well. Cloud telephony system is the latest technology and it’s affordable to any small business.

The virtual phone system can be set up within few minutes within just $20. All you need to pay for is a virtual phone number and your calling charges.

Easy to use:

Cloud telephony systems are made in a way to make the calling process very easy. Easy to use interface will improve your productivity. On the other hand, the system can be used on any device with internet like laptop, mobile, tablet or personal computer. There is no hassle of hardware and unexpected breakdowns. You will be using the system to its latest version, so it is going to be customer friendly of course.

Here are some of the most important features of cloud telephony system:

Call Forwarding:

With virtual phone system, you can forward your calls to your mobile or landline number or a virtual phone number as well. Many a time it happens when you’re away from your laptop or PC, but you still have to attend the calls. You can simply transfer your calls to any phone number.

Call Recording:

Call recording is a very important tool to improve your customer service. You can analyze the tone, speech, script etc. Cloud telephony system allows you to record all your calls and listen to them.


You might not be available to attend calls every single minute. You can receive voicemails of your customers when you’re away from your system. You can listen to their messages and solve their queries.


As a business, you have many departments. You must guide your customers to reach out to the right help. IVR is the solution to that problem. For example:

Press 1 for Marketing

Press 2 for Accounts

Press 3 for Support.

You can guide your customers to the right way through IVR, and virtual phone system allows you to set up your IVR.

Bottom Line:

Apart from handling customers around the world, cloud telephony system also joins your employees. For a business spread across the globe, employees can be effectively connected with this system. It’s a wise choice for any business to adopt this system for business communication.

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