Google Created Its Own Mobile Processor Exclusively for Pixel 2 Camera

Google Mobile Processor for Pixel 2 Camera

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For the very first time, Google has created its own mobile processor exclusively for pixel 2, in order to improve its camera performance. Previously Google used to rely on renowned hardware makers to build the series of phones run by Android versions, developed by Google.

Pixel Visual Core, the new processor, is designed to fulfill two prime objectives. Apart from handling the image processing duties, it will also help the machine learning tasks.

Its performance can clearly be seen in pixel 2’s HDR+ mode. On comparing the pictures taken in the above-mentioned mode with the normal ones we can easily notice the increased dynamic range and detail in areas covered with shadows and highlights. It has received positive reviews from critics as well as from consumers.

Google claims this octa-core chip to be capable of performing 3 trillion operations per second. It will process the HDR+ pictures 5 times faster than the conventional processes while consuming just 10% of the energy required buy them.

This PVC chip, existing inside the pixel 2 already available in the market, is currently involved with the HDR+ feature of the camera app only. Though, in the coming months, Google is bringing a software update which will enable it to take part in imaging and machine learning tasks as well.

Apple and Huawei have previously announced their own neural processor built into their chips for performing various AI applications. This idea of building custom internal hardware for specific functions is actually a very smart move. It will bring out the best possible performance out of the processes by combining the necessary software with them.

Source: TheNextWeb

Google Created Its Own Mobile Processor Exclusively for Pixel 2 Camera