A BMW Z8, once owned by Steve Jobs, is a luxury convertible that is headed to be auctioned at Sotheby’s, New York – by the coming November. According to expectations, the car will fetch between $300,000 and $400,000; and it might even surpass this range!

As claimed by the auction listing, Steve Jobs had a ‘penchant’ for the German designs of the automobiles. Jobs owned Mercedes-Benz SLs and BMW motorcycles as well.

Turning over the history pages, we come across the fact that Jobs bought the BMW Z8 in 2000. It was a suggestion of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, who pointed out that the car isn’t only of high quality but also goes well with Apple’s styles and Jobs’ psyche.

Interestingly, Jobs kept the car for only 3 years, then sold it to someone in Los Angeles. The person, after a year, sold it to a tech executive in Bay Area.  The Los Angeles owner deeply regretted the decision and, after about 18m months, contacted the tech executive for a reverse trade.

The car was driven regularly for 17 years, and it has only 15,200 miles on it. It has gone through service and maintenance for the intact good condition.


Steve Jobs hated one inclusion of the car, which is a BMW-branded Motorola cellphone. Well, he actually partnered with Motorola before 2007, regarding a few iTunes phones.

The BMW Z8 has a price tag of $128,000 before add-ons. While used models are worth more in terms of potentials, the auction price surpasses the average range. The car will go on sale on December 6, as a part of the event ‘New York – Icons.

Source: AppleInsider