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Microsoft is Making a New Skype Professional for Consultants and Tutors

Nov 15, 2017, 6:00 am

Microsoft is preparing itself for previewing the Skype Professional Account. This will make it more convenient to carry out services for the people who are into providing consulting, counseling, training, and tutoring through video chat, and that too – for free!

The new Skype Professional will have tools for scheduling sessions, add notes with respect to individual clients, and even receive payments via the app. Furthermore, it will lead customers towards discovering your brand, but Microsoft is yet to explain how this will work.

The Skype Professional is seeming to be quite helpful for the professionals to manage businesses and stay organized. The experts using video conference facilities for their works often may have had to hinge on to multiple but unconnected apps. An efficient work of Microsoft with the new Skype version might just fill the void regarding this.

Sign up and try out the Skype Professional to see how useful it can be for your video-chat based business. Drop your words of how the experience was in the comments and follow us for more tech updates!

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