Amazon introduces Web Browsing feature in Fire TV

Dec 21, 2017, 2:51 pm

Shahid M.

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Good news for the Amazon Fire TV customers. The e-commerce giant introduced web browsing feature on Amazon Fire TV. Now users can access the service through Mozilla Firefox and Amazon Silk in over 100 countries. The browsers can easily be downloaded from the Fire TV and the users can begin browsing the web immediately.

More than 500,000 movies and TV episodes, and tens of thousands of apps, channels and Alexa skills have already been made accessible to Fire TV customers. As a result of the latest update, the Fire TV users can access the World Wide Web including popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Reddit. Not only that the new service offers local and international news sites, video sharing services, cloud photo sites, and other social news, sports, and entertainment content.

With full web browsers on Fire TV, our customers’ entertainment and information options are greatly expanded. We want to make it easy for customers to access the Web from the comfort of their couch. – Marc Whitten, Vice President, Amazon Fire TV and Appstore

Amazon Silk has already been optimized for Fire TV. It does provide a true television viewing experience from a single tap from your drawing room. Now, with the inclusion of the browsing feature via Silk on Fire TV, the customers can literally access everything around the globe just by using the buttons of the Fire TV remote.

As of now, Fire TV devices are the number one selling streaming media players in countries like US, UK, Germany, and Japan with tens of millions of monthly active users all around the world.

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