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Cortana-powered Johnson Controls GLAS smart thermostat available for pre-order from March

Jan 4, 2018, 7:00 pm

Johnson Controls, the inventors of the room thermostat, has taken their technology a step further by introducing details about their soon to be launched smart thermostat named GLAS smart thermostat, making it the first of its kind. The pre-orders for the device can be placed from March 2018 and is priced at $319. While the price seems a little too steep, the thermostat is well equipped to impress the buyer in spite of it.

GLAS smart thermostat is powered by Windows 10 IoT core and utilizes Azure IoT Hub device management capabilities. These ensure that the thermostat’s features and security software are constantly updated. Its translucent OLED touch-screen will not only help to control room temperatures, but also monitor air quality, both indoors and outdoors. Apart from this, Microsoft’s Cortana technology will help one manage the calendar, learn about weather forecasts, traffic conditions, and also answer questions. So the device will combine the most important functions of a smart device along with those of a thermostat, making its price seem more reasonable.

GLAS is also going to be easily accessible via mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, so you can easily adjust your home and office environment from wherever you are. Apps to operate the Cortana powered Johnson Control via these devices are now available on Android and iOS, and soon to be made available on Windows 10 for the Microsoft Store.

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