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Clicking pictures has become the norm of the day at any social gathering. And with new apps like Instagram and Snapchat, almost every smartphone user has become keen on capturing every moment of their lives in the form of a picture.

While this practice helps people to create new memories it also reminisces about old ones by looking at specific pictures. It also gives rise to certain problems, the most primary among them being the problem of storage. The following tips and tricks will help users better utilize the benefits provided by one of the most popular photo-sharing and storage apps, Google Photos.

The first thing that comes to mind right after clicking a great picture is how to share it with everyone close to us. Apart from this, the person who has posed for a photo is also eager to receive the photo from the photographer. Google Photos makes sharing easier by featuring ‘suggested sharing’.

A click on the ‘Sharing’ tab reveals an option called ‘personal suggestion’ based on the faces in a picture and also on the users’ sharing habits. This makes sharing all easier since the user now no longer has to select the persons of a particular image to be forwarded to manually.

Secondly, it is possible to easily access particular pictures on Google Photos without having to scroll down thousands of pictures. Google Photos’ ‘Album’ option allows the user to categorize his pictures, and to start him off, the app has certain default categories like ‘Places’, ‘Things’, ‘Videos’, etc.

In order to categorize pictures, the user has to simply select a category and select the favorites which need to be included in that category. Thus, while searching, a user may simply type in certain keywords and search to gain direct access to particular pictures. Furthermore, Photos’ ‘Archive’ option allows users to declutter by archiving unnecessary photos, thus making them more important ones more easily accessible.

Lastly, Google Photos has an amazing feature when it comes to storing photos. While it is usual for a user to often be compelled to delete older photos to make space for newer ones, Google Photos does away with storage troubles by providing backup options.

The app backs up its photos and videos on Google Drive, and if a user chooses the ‘Free Up Space’ option, the app auto-detects older photos that have already been backed up and removes them to create space for new photos to be saved in the device. So keep these tips handy, and Happy Clicking!

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