To connect with your loved ones, Facebook has announced it’s most delightful and fun feature just in time for Valentine’s Day. Starting on Valentine’s Day if the users update their status on the relationship and make it as ‘fb’ official update then the users will receive a Messenger notification which will open conversation with their loved one.

Messenger has become a special place for people to connect and share with other people whether making plans or chatting with friends, family, and loved ones. And to brew it up more Facebook is launching its new update from Valentine’s Day.

  • Heart shower: hearts will be raining all across the screen.
  • Expressing love: the customized emoji in the lower right-hand corner will make it easier to express love.
  • Personalized chat: one can personalize their chat and even set their own custom text color, emoji, and nickname.
  • Chatting with the loved one: the first person to appear on the Active Tab will be the users loved one which provisions them to see whether they are available to chat.

To express one’s feelings people now get handy with emojis which have become the new love language. There are about 2 billion emojis shared every day on Messenger. The heart emoji is the most commonly used emoji for both men and women. And red is the most popular personalized chat color along with heart the most popular custom emoji.

Last year’s Valentine’s Day was the most active on Messenger and Facebook and we are excited to see whether it follows the same this year as well. To add on, Facebook has also come up with a variety of fun filters and effects in the Messenger Camera. Filters like the heart eye filter, falling candy heart effect, the Queen of Hearts filter has been added. The camera on the Messenger is one tap away whether one is in a conversation or just opened the app.

To have access to the fun filter one just needs to start or open a one-on-one or group chat and tap the video icon in the top right corner and then tap the star icon. Facebook is all excited about its new Facebook Messenger updates and features. Let’s see how it turns out to be.