6 Major Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing You Should Know

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Cloud computing is software that offers you to save your enormous data online and use it at any time from anywhere, on any device. It has been used by many organizations to manage their huge data.

It is very easy to access and gives you an option to share your data with others. Some companies hire Website Development Companies to manage their official data, but most companies use cloud computing to do that. Let’s explore the pros and cons of cloud computing.


Save money and resources
Instead of focusing on the wide lifting of racking, stacking, and powering servers, cloud computing allows you to focus on your own users and projects. You can buy the cloud computing support once as per your requirements and later if any upgrade is required, you can easily upgrade your services plan. The software doesn’t even need maintenance, and this is how it saves your money and resources.

Cloud computing offers enhanced usability with its unique features and functionalities. It provides several desktop features for Mac and Windows computers.

Users can easily drag and drop their files or folders between the cloud storage and their local storage through the drag and drop option.

Good for Recovery
Cloud computing can help you to backup your data, and in case of an emergency, you can get back your data easily. The backed-up files are securely stored online and can be accessed at any point in time from anywhere. It works as a rescue in case of sudden software crash and hardware damage.


Cloud Computing has a limited bandwidth allowance that refers to the rate at which the data is transmitted over a network. The performance of the connection depends on the capacity. In more simple words, the higher capacity leads your connection to the better performance. The drawback here is, if you cross the given limit of the bandwidth, it could charge you additional charges.

Data Security
Cloud computing is very secure to use but, there are some concerns about the safety and privacy of the remotely stored data. The stored data get shared with the third parties too for making your experience more convenient and that can be a matter of concern. You might not like sharing your data with third parties you don’t know. Website Development Services can help you with your data security.

Drag and Drop
However drag and drop is an interesting feature to use, it might interrupt your seamless experience. If you are not careful enough while using drag and drop feature, you could permanently shift your document from its original folder to the cloud storage location. So, if you wish to keep the folder at both the locations then do not use drag and drop feature, instead of that you can use copy and paste.

These were a few advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing. Now you can use it with all the precautions based on your requirements as it cloud be extremely beneficial for your business.

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