3 Ways How Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Education

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Chatbots are programs, artificial intelligence systems, that you can text with as if they were human and they can be found in practically any industry from e-commerce to travel to government platforms. We’ve witnessed a huge rise in chatbots and as their use becomes broader every day, a lot of new applications appear.

Chatbots have a huge potential for education and even the most complex disciplines can be taught with the help of chatbots as tutors to help students get a personalized learning experience.

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The most important thing that often determines the success of the teaching and learning process is the possibility for students to get feedback and support from their teachers or other people with relevant knowledge in a certain field of studies. These days, teachers are overloaded with work and cannot ensure personalized instruction in high school and college. As a result, many students lack writing skills and have to turn to online essay writing services. Chatbots and artificial intelligence enhance teaching and learning and provide students with the necessary support they don’t have access to in real life.

Chatbots can improve education in a number of ways. Here are the most important of them.

Spaced interval learning

A spacing effect happens when you repeat what you have learned just at the time when you are about to forget it. This concept was used as a basis for building a learning app that keeps track of what students learn and when they learn it. This application created by Polish inventor Piotr Wozniak uses artificial intelligence to determine when students are about to forget what they have learned and remind them of it.

Essay scoring

Teachers commonly use multiple choice and other tests to check their student’s knowledge quickly and efficiently. But with essay writing, the assessment and grading process is more complicated. Providing feedback on essays is a time-consuming task, and in the case of massive open online courses, no one can imagine a realistic way to provide individual feedback to thousands of written essays.

To fight this problem, innovators are working with artificial intelligence and are using machine-learning algorithms to assess and grade students’ essays on a particular subject. They believe there is a good chance chatbots will replace human feedback on essays soon. This technology is currently under development, and only a prototype has been built.

Student evaluation of teaching

Student feedback about the quality of teaching is the most valued source of information when it comes to assessing a teacher’s work. Many colleges and universities are making changes in the process of feedback collection and shifting from printed forms to online surveys. AI-driven chatbots offer exciting opportunities in this area and will allow collecting feedback about teachers through chatbot conversations. While chatting with a chatbot, students will be able to provide reasons to explain their opinions, and chatbots will be trained to ask follow-up questions and tailor the conversation according to the responses.

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