Google has launched a new feature called ‘Talk to Books’ letting you literally do exactly what the name suggests by the help of Artificial intelligence. The feature asks for an audio input and locates logical responses from a pool of books.

Talk to Books

In its Developer Blog, Google writes about the feature that it is “an entirely new way to explore books by starting at the sentence level, rather than the author or topic level.” It is important to note that the feature can understand sentences that are regularly used.

It is an experiment of the company displaying its advancements in machine learning, letting computers communicate naturally. The blog says that if you provide full accurate sentences, then the engine “searches all the sentences in over 100,000 books to find the ones that respond to your input based on semantic meaning at the sentence level.”

If you are questioning, the engine will derive the answer as a passage from one of the books in its disposal. In case of a statement, it’ll do its best to find a logical reply from the books to forward the conversation.

Google warns that “Talk to Books is more of a creative tool than a way to find specific answers.” Therefore, responses aren’t screened for relevance or accuracy. The experiment also means that newer technological features are coming soon to enhance user experience.

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