Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce

This is how AI is defining the growth story of online commerce

Author at TechGenyz Ecommerce

Online buyers can expect a whole new experience of personalized shopping down the line. In fact, AI is going to bring in more than that, both to the customers and businesses worldwide.

Nearly 44% of the customers in the US already prefer being assisted by chatbots. Now what we can safely draw from this is –

  • Online consumers are open to anything smart, that can save their time and enhance the experience.
  • The growing acceptance of AI technology would increase its demand, making its availability cheaper for eCommerce entities.

The eCommerce spectrum is huge in nature. Right from taking orders to processing and delivering the product, it involves multiple channels to work in close sync.

Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce would make it simpler, making most of its activities much faster and automated.

Until now, business owners were not able to spend enough time with their marketing teams to devise and plan strategies that can induce sales. AI would help them getting involved more in it, especially when most of their core operations will be supported by AI.

Call it eCommerce or m-commerce, there’s hardly a difference. It’s essential to have a presence on both platforms these days. Remember, over 50% of internet users across the globe access internet on a mobile device. Doesn’t the statistics justify this?

Nonetheless, let’s take a look at this infographic by Mofluid which highlights the AI-driven eCommerce trends expected to surface on e/m-commerce stage in the months to come –