Entrepreneurs are one of the most important people in society. Being an entrepreneur is a very exigent task when it comes to staying organized and managed by the company or the business. But, with Android smartphones, these management tasks are becoming easier and handy for the entrepreneur.

There are numerous Android apps available for better management of the tasks and making the work easier for the business owners. Hire Android Developers for the best in class Android applications development, and maintain a great way of staying organized and mannered. Here, in this article, we have brought 9 Android applications that fall under the must-have apps for the entrepreneurs mainly.

1. Evernote

Evernote is an application that would help the entrepreneurs to write and store notes within the app. It allows accessing those write-ups and notes from anywhere. Not only that, you can also record audio notes, pictures, and web screenshots. Being an entrepreneur, this will be highly helpful to you as it can be saved and shared with your team members as well.

This app contains various use cases such as connecting teams, managing projects and collecting research. You can use this to make advancements in sales relationships and maintain the clients. This app can also be used in organizing company documents and supporting the workflow of the entire business.

2. Skype

Skype, the most used application for communication across the globe. This app is a handy communication tool which offers free messaging along with voice as well as video calls. This app also comes with a great feature of file sharing which can be used by you to share the files amongst the team or with the client as well.

Skype also comes with a paid application which features mobile and landline calls, text messaging and an access to Skype Wifi public hotspots. Skype is a finest android application with the low-cost option facilitating communication and collaborations between the team members.

3. Dropbox

A very popular platform majorly used on the desktop, Dropbox has nowadays taken over the Android phones as well. Dropbox is an app to store the documents, pictures, videos or any kind of file remotely.

The app also offers the facility to edit documents within the app and share the files with the team members. It is truly said that Dropbox is a modern workspace designed in order to make work smart and easy. This app lets you manage every document and file in an organized manner and avoids the breaking of the flow of your work.

4. Paypal

Being entrepreneurs, you might be working with freelancers as well as outsourcing companies. Paypal is a very useful app for making the payment process easy and quick. When working with freelancers, using the Paypal from the mobile phone makes the entire payment process hassle-free for the entrepreneur. The app also allows the tracking of the transactions to any entrepreneur.

Therefore, it is a great idea to make a payment from the Paypal application. The best part of this app is it lets you transact across the globe, regardless of the currency difference. This makes the funding flexible for both you and your customers.

5. Amazon

Amazon, a must-have app for a common man these days. Being an entrepreneur, it might be necessary for you to stay updated with the newly released books. You may also need this app to purchase goods for your workspace. As this app has a lot to offer, this can easily meet all your business shopping requirements. This app saves your time of rushing to the store to buy certain goods. With this app, you are just a click away from your favorite product. Once clicked, you can find the goods at your doorstep.

Therefore, this is one of the great apps for the android phone.

6. Wunderlist

When you are handling a business, you might be having a Requirement Traceability Matrix for tracking the requirements as well as the efforts of your employees. Wunderlist is a support system for any kind of RTM. It is a visual appeal whenever RTM lacks in any area. Installing this on your android phone will help you track the ‘to do’ lists of your employees. The application plays a very important role in navigating the workflow and hence it is also useful in making the tracking process quick and efficient. Wunderlist is basically an application to track the behavior of the visitors.

7. Salesforce1

Salesforce1 is an application that allows you to stay connected with the customers. Installing this app on your phone makes you run your business from your phone from any location. The major role of this application is it aligns all the customer information into a single and integrated platform to enable you to build a business that is entirely client-centered. This business includes marketing, sales, customer service and business analysis.

With the help of this, you will be able to understand a complete concept of your customer’s requirement and lets you drive more customers to the success of your business.

8. Health Inspector

Regular health checkup is a necessity for every human being. But, when you have a lot of responsibilities on your head, you may forget the appointments. So, it is necessary to have health inspector which will remind you to make an appointment for the checkup.

This app can be one of the best health apps as it will save your doctor’s number and based on your duration, this will automatically make an appointment.

9. Local Food Delivery

Local food delivery app makes it easier for you to find cheap and finest food delivery service near you. Based on the location it will get you to the best of the restaurants near you.

Install these apps and make your busy life a bit easier.


It’s an essential post filled with crucial information about 9 most integral Android application which are helpful to every business person.

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