While Google Assistant has made its way to the Wear OS last year, it is being updated with some new features to better improve the user experience.

To begin with, Smart Suggestion has been added to Wear OS Google Assistant so that users can ask further questions related to the original context based on a series of follow-up suggestions. This will allow users to go beyond their original question of say asking for the current forecast, and move on to an update regarding the weather forecast for the weekend.

If it is too cumbersome to read an answer while on the go, users can now simply ask the Google Assistant to read out answers for them, which users can then listen to with the help of Wear OS speaker or Bluetooth headphones. For instance, commands to Google Assistant like “tell me about my day” will provide the user with useful information regarding commute times and upcoming agenda.

Google is also bringing over 1 million Actions announced a few months ago to all Wear OS devices, so that users can now operate their LG ovens or ask Bay Train when the next train is leaving by simply activating voice on their Wear OS devices. Google also claims to be constantly partnering with new developers and partners to increase Actions and functions.

Google shall role out the latest updates over the next few days. As a callout to interested developers the giant has stated the following: “And if you’re a developer interested in building Actions that work with the Google Assistant on Wear OS by Google, tune into the live stream to check out our session at Google I/O on May 9 at 10:30 am PT.”