Google’s Emoji Scavenger Hunt to make Machine Learning easy

Emoji Scavenger Hunt

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Emojis have become a universal language in today’s world, making them an integral part of our life in order to communicate with others via texts or emails. No doubt that all the emojis are modeled after their real-world counterparts. And these emojis have made our conversations via texts more interesting and funny.

Now while expressing our emotions through emojis, we will also be able to find the counterparts of these emojis in the real world with the help of our phone.

Google is introducing Emoji Scavenger Hunt, powered by Tensorflow.js-TensorFlow is the open-source framework for machine learning with JavaScript. This is a fun game while where the gamer will be shown an emoji, so he/she has to find its real-world version within a given time. While the search is on, the neural network will try and guess what it is seeing.

So basically the game can be opened through the mobile browser and to start the game one has to tap “Let’s Play,” this will give the player the access to the phone’s camera. Then there will be a countdown and cheer. After which the player will be shown an emoji that is required to be found in the real world around within the stipulated time.


There will also be a voice guide who will be asking aloud every time if its identification of the currently visible object is correct. This is because when the player is on the quest the neural network will try and guess what it is visible -which proves that machine learning can be used for more than serious applications and is really important for gaining knowledge.

Since the game is powered by TensorFlow and doesn’t access any servers, Google never captures anything seen through the camera while playing it.

Source: Google

Google’s Emoji Scavenger Hunt to make Machine Learning easy