Fortnite X Avengers: Infinity War Crossover to Be Released on May 8, 2018

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Epic recently announced on Twitter that some sort of crossover between Fortnite and Marvel’s Avengers is going to take place. It should be noted that Fortnite released its superhero-themed season just when Avengers: Infinity War was going to be released. The tweet by Epic included an image that features Omega, the villain from the Fortnite games, and Thanos, the villain from Avengers: Infinity War, in an animated style, and it says “snap” in the background.

The game promises a limited-time mash-up between Fortnite and Marvel’s Avengers. The tweet also reads, “The battle begins tomorrow’ but since Epic has not said anything about it yet, everyone is in the dark as to what it actually means.

The crossover will apparently come with themed skins and other cosmetics. So far, Fortnite has created and released everything original so far, but everyone is excited about it as it is a Marvel X Fortnite crossover. The crossover must be in the making for quite some time now.

Previously, many fans have seen the resemblance between Marvel and Fortnite, like the Dusty Divot crater and military base, which has reminded many of its users of the setup on Thor 1 when Thor’s hammer fell on the earth and it was being retrieved by SHIELD. But in the new crossover, much more other than just passing references are just bound to happen.

It is widely speculated that many more Avengers skins will be made available for the players so they can role-play as Star-Lord, Captain America, Black Widow, or even as Thanos. This will eventually spike up their income as the players will be more than ready to buy these skins irrespective of their price.

The Fortnite X Avengers: Infinity War event begins on May 8th and it will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and even iOS devices.

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