Google News: This might be the biggest announcement from Google I/O 2018

New Google News

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The new Google News announcement at I/O 2018 is an important initiative by Google. The new Google News is an aggregator of news stories that Google thinks you might find interesting, providing a single point of access for information that was previously scattered across Google Play Newsstand, Google’s News & Weather app, and other sources like YouTube.

We look forward to continuing to work with you as we improve and grow the new Google News! – Google News team

Google believes that the new Google News will delight both consumers and publishers with its all-new experience. It presents the day’s top stories and a personalized news experience for each user. It even provisions for a free subscription to news and magazines for its users.


Google users’ need no extra effort to include in the updated Google News. If you are a participant in Google Play Newsstand, or videos on Youtube, then your content will flow automatically, along with existing participation requirements, analytics, and business rules.

The new Google news will begin to update on the desktop, mobile web and Google Play Newsstand’s app on iOS and Android in the next several days. Google is much excited to bring forth its new experience to its users.

Source: Google News

Google News: This might be the biggest announcement from Google I/O 2018