Google Duo v34 comes with the official screen sharing feature, but it’s entirely broken

Google Duo v34

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The official launch of screen sharing in Google Duo is finally here, after a leak revealing it in last October to be in development! Now that the Google Duo v34 is here, officially bringing the feature, it appears entirely broken, much to the dismay of the users and developers.

The setup process is working normally and expected. The screen sharing button is closest to the floating mirror button. If the extra buttons are not visible, tapping the screen will get you there.

Now, after tapping the screen sharing button, it will prompt you to allow Duo for recording your screen. On the home screen, you’ll get to see the part of the screen that’s recording outlined in red. There will also be a floating pill with pause and stop buttons on.


From this point, you get to use your phone normally, and the screen will be sent to the person you are chatting with. That is, only if the screen sharing feature was not broken!

Rather, the receiver will see the image from the sharer as frozen. Switching camera angles did not work. Even, the receiver ending the screen sharing session went in vain. The image gets unfrozen only when the call is ended.

This was tested with several phones and over different Android versions. Data was cleared in every scenario, and still the similar results took place. The freezing issue should be fixed in the next update of Google Duo, or at least we can hope for it!

Are you having a similar experience? Let us know in comments and share with others. Keep following us to remain updated on this Google Duo issue.

Source: Android Police

Google Duo v34 comes with the official screen sharing feature, but it's entirely broken