Snapchat has revamped its Snap Map after users found the previous always-on coordinate-broadcasting naturally bothering. The new version of the app lets you send or ask for real-time location within the message thread.

Snapchat users will now feel more confident that the makeover of the location app has become more private. There’s no point keeping your whereabouts open all the time for everyone else in your Snapchat.

The newness was spotted by a netizen reader Chand Sethi. Now, Snapchat has confirmed that the feature is being slowly rolled out to iOS and Android users since the past few weeks. No more only-me Ghost Mode for the users!

This will work when you long-press on the name of your friend or tap the three-line button on a chat thread. Alongside Share Username and Settings, you will get to see Request Location and Send Location.

The Snapchat Snap Map update works with bi-directional friends, therefore you won’t get the benefit for the people who haven’t followed you back. When you feel like people are spamming you, turning off getting requests is possible in Settings.

Important to note is that the shared location will update live for only eight hours after the app has been opened last. Canceling the access for someone can be done anytime in the app. The first time of enabling the feature will get you through a location consent flow.

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