In our time, romantic dating often looks like this: a man and a woman are sitting in front of each other and practically don’t take their eyes off smartphones. Over the past 15 years, each internet dating site has gone so far from “just dating” that soon they may replace dating in real life and become a full-fledged social network like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Dating sites will be integrated into social networks

Programs in smartphones will determine the place and time of the first appointment, depending on the preferences of those will go on a date. The appearance of a girl will be approved by a program on the basis of advertisements with models, to which a person most often reacted. Also, during a meeting, a program will send advice on the course of a conversation in real time.

Meetings through holograms

The option above will probably be out-of-date very soon. A more advanced part of the population will not go out for the sake of acquaintance thanks to the development of holographic technologies. It will be possible to get acquainted with holograms that will be dressed in appropriate clothes and removed of defects in the appearance. However, for a serious relationship, such an acquaintance, of course, is not always suitable.

Involving smartwatches and fitness trackers in a date

Integration of the heart rate monitor will help an application to remember from whose photos your pulse speeds up, accordingly, who is the most sympathetic to you. Roughly speaking, an application will form in its memory “your type” and offer candidates. That is, a service will not just pick up a suitable couple for you, but find someone who will make your heart beat faster.

A date through smartphones

The more interesting technology will be that two smartphones that fit the parameters of people will send photos of each other. Also, smart glasses will find themselves where suitable men and women are according to their biometric data, suitable DNA, etc. A special program will determine how future children will look like. Moreover, there will not be an acquaintance because a smartphone will give out so much information about a person that it will be possible to omit a conversation about each other.

Mobile base

A number of modern experts believe that future acquaintances will not happen through social networks, but will be completely built on smartphone platforms with real data about a person. People expect more efficiency from acquaintances: if a user is looking for a soulmate, then acquaintance must be preceded by serious programming and filtering by preferences. And for this, information about a person should be real: without pseudonyms, avatars of stars, and false check-ins in fashionable places. According to experts, FB data most often don’t contribute to a good recommendation of a potential partner, since they don’t contain complete and adequate information about users.

The probability of a divorce

In 10 years, a woman will be able to calculate the probability of a divorce from the very first date. So, men that will not get acquainted with the purpose of creating a family will have to come up with tricks. There are scientific computer compatibility programs. For example, developers created a rather broad classifier of factors threatening marriage: they analyzed incomes, religious beliefs, physical attractiveness and attitude to it, and so on. And on this basis, interested couples can minimize the risks of divorce. After 10 years, it will be possible by comparing and analyzing social indicators from a personal profile.

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