5 Top Virtual Reality Products to Learn English

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Annabelle Fee
Annabelle Fee
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Virtual Reality is transforming the world in unprecedented ways. In fact, industries such as marketing, entertainment, and education will change entirely as the use of VR technology increases. For example, several VR products are now available for English learners. These products are inexpensive, practical, and entertaining. You can use them to learn English while you are at home or at the office.

Activate them at any time. In other words, you can learn English at a comfortable pace. However, choosing the right VR product for this purpose is critical. Doing so enhances your learning experience in addition to helping you learn as much about this language as possible. Here are the five top VR products to learn English. Try one of them today.

1. VirtualSpeech

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This VR product focuses on helping you learn English so that you can maximize the opportunities that exist in your business environment. For example, some of the scenarios in VirtualSpeech include impromptu speaking sessions, networking events, and a job interview. Video-based tutorials, quizzes, and case studies are available as well, in addition to cultural immersion scenarios.

virtual speech

These scenarios and features will help you improve your speaking and listening skills. This improvement will increase your effectiveness when you participate in presentations, meetings, and consultations. Your degree of coherence will improve as well as you articulate yourself in proposals, memos, and business plans.

2. AltspaceVR

Sometimes, people find it easier to learn English with others than to learn it alone. They are social learners, and AltspaceVR is the ideal product for them. It connects people from more than 150 countries worldwide. That means you will interact with many individuals from different cultures and backgrounds.


More importantly, you will learn English alongside these people. For example, you can attend live presentations that include those who have logged in at the same time as you. Moreover, Altspace VR has features where you practice English by playing card games or singing virtually. It is the ideal VR platform for you if you want to learn English in a relaxed environment.

3. Immersive VR Education

This VR product is one of the most innovative ones in the market. For example, teachers and students can use it to create their ideal learning environment. That means an English tutor can develop VR scenarios that resonate with his teaching students.

vr education

This English tutor can do that at any time and anywhere. His students can also access the VR material at their convenience. That means Immersive VR Education demystifies VR technology by making it possible for anyone to create it. They also make it more practical for students because English tutors can customize VR lessons for them. In fact, they can hold classes as well in addition to making presentations in virtual spaces.

4. MondlyVR

Mondly is an online language learning application. Currently, it has 25 million users. It teaches 33 different languages to these users, and English is one of them. Its success as a language-learning app is now its greatest strength as it ventures into the world of Virtual Reality.


Known as MondlyVR, this product will revolutionize the way people learn English. For example, it has everyday scenarios such as a chat on a train or checking into a hotel. Others are riding a taxi or ordering food at a restaurant. Moreover, you can use a list of responses when a character speaks to you. You will receive immediate feedback when you respond. This feedback helps you polish your skills in pronouncing English words.

5. ClassVR

Developed by Avantis Systems Limited, this VR platform thrives on a school model for learning languages. For example, the content in this system falls in line with curriculum-based lessons in educational institutions that teach English. Moreover, it hires qualified teachers as English specialists.

class vr

——————————-These teachers have a great deal of experience in the classroom environment, including the use of technology to spark the interests of their students. The idea behind ClassVR is to bring textbooks and worksheets to life, making them acceptable and entertaining to students. It is worth noting that lessons on everyday topics such as weddings and shopping are available on ClassVR. Cultural immersion into English-speaking areas such as London’s Olympic Part is also a hallmark of this VR product.

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