Facebook gets ‘tuned’ like never before with its Lip Sync Live feature

Jun 5, 2018, 6:15 pm

Hia D.

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As per the report of Tamara Hrivnak( Head of Music Business Development & Partnerships), and Fred Beteiller (Head of Product, Music, and Rights) posted on Facebook Newsroom, experiencing music on Facebook takes a new turn spurred by partnerships with music companies around the world. Lip Sync Live is the star feature introduced on Facebook to enable the users to express their music with their posts. Express yourself musically with videos and music in your posts!

Music takes in the entire spectrum of celebrations from birthdays to weddings, festivals and holidays and so on. The special moments of our lives are invariably tied to music and music enthusiasts are the major chunk of the global population. Cast in this context, the Facebook Lip Sync Live is a boon for all the social media-savvy, music-loving users who can creatively share memories with friends and family, with the musical component added to it all. The Facebook team is testing this feature across several markets, and it is well anticipated that the app will find its way soon into our Facebook applications at large.

What is Lip Sync Live all about?

As the name suggests, Lip Sync Live enables the user to lip sync to songs from their personal favorite numbers, spanning from classics to the new hits. A whole lot of genres can be tapped and explored in real time, providing a new definition to the idea of expressing oneself with music. Spontaneous musical moments can now be made to reach out to distant friends, relatives, and family with just that right music/video added to that post of yours! One can live in the moment while also in the music at that moment and put it across for the world to see and live it simultaneously too.

Just one click on the Facebook Lip Sync Live functionality option when starting one’s Live video is all that’s to be done and you’re good to go from there! The users can also add a description and customize the video with masks, background, and similar elements after selecting a song from the song list.

The friends will get to see the artist and song highlighted in the video while the user is broadcasting with Lip Sync Live and then can click on it to follow the artist on Facebook.

The Facebook team is exploring diverse options to make the feature all the more impressive, such as options for adding the favourite music of the users to Facebook Stories.

The news of this new feature rings like ‘music to the ears’ for all the Facebook fans!

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