Project Fi is a virtual network operator by Google, rendering phone, messaging and data services aided by the use of Wireless and cellular networks belonging to Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Three.

Recently, they introduced provisions for groups plans on Project Fi as the means of sharing one’s phone plan with friends and now, their entire family, including children under 13 who can be added to the said plan using a Google Account, managed with Project Fi Family Link. Once a child is added, features comprising easy data alerts, seamless switching between networks, and automatic connection to free Wi-Fi hotspots as well the functions available in the Family Link app, can be enjoyed by both parties. It can also be used to set digital ground rules that are unique to a family.

Some attributes of this plan are:

1. Managing a child’s phone service with Project Fi: Concerns regarding children’s data usage can be solved with this feature as usage can be effortlessly managed and data alerts can be set for both parties to keep a track of how much data they have digitally consumed in a month.

2. Setting digital ground rules for children using Family Link: With the help of the free Family Link app, children’s apps can be kept a track of, inclusive of keeping an eye on their screen time and locking their phones when it is time to put their devices away. Management of certain device and account settings are also made possible along with content filters in Chrome, Search and other Google services.