How Machine Learning and Cloud Computing Is Transforming the World

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Machine learning has been here for quite a while now and people are getting aware of the benefits of machine learning. Machine learning technology is helping to train the machine so they can perform their task autonomously with minimum human interaction.

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that uses a huge number of data sets for training and testing. These machines can work in any environment and they can change their outputs on the basis of input provided and the type of environment. Moreover, these machines have the capability to learn from past experiences.

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When machine learning algorithms are combined with cloud computing, it can do wonders for the cloud platform. The combination of machine learning and cloud computing is referred to as – Intelligent Cloud.

The current usage of the cloud involves computing, storage, and networking. But with the feature of machine learning infused in the cloud, the capabilities of the cloud will increase vastly. The intelligent cloud becomes capable of learning from the vast amount of data stored in the cloud, to build up predictions and analyze situations. This will serve as an intelligent platform to perform tasks much efficiently.

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In the present scenario, the cloud is used for storing and sharing data, computing, and networking. But, the introduction of machine learning in the cloud will leverage the capabilities of the cloud. The cloud will become more intelligent and will be able to learn from the data stored in the cloud. It will be able to make predictions and analyze the situation better. This platform will be able to perform tasks accurately and efficiently.

Machine Learning in Cloud Computing

Artificial intelligence systems will be working better on cloud computing servers. This is because of the following reasons – low cost of operations, scalability, and huge processing power to analyze the huge amount of data. So, the blend of machine learning with cloud computing is beneficial for both technologies. Now, let us see how machine learning and cloud computing are transforming the world:

1. Personal Assistance and Chatbots

Chatbots have become popular in customer support service and as a personal assistant. Examples are Apple’s Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Assistant. These are built using natural language processing and machine learning technologies. These personal assistants have limitations in their capabilities.


The responses of these assistants are preprogrammed and are generalized in nature. Imagine what would happen if chatbots and virtual assistants collaborate with the cloud. They will have access to a huge amount of data. And there will not be much difference in human and machine interaction.

2. Cognitive Computing

There is a huge amount of data stored in the cloud. This data act as a source for the machine learning algorithms. Billions of people use the cloud for storage, networking, and data sharing. Machine learning algorithms can learn from this information and can get better over time.

These applications will be able to perform cognitive processes and predict the outcomes. Artificial intelligence research in cognitive computing has led big players in the technology to perform better in cloud computing. Some of the examples are Amazon Web Services, IBM Watson, and Microsoft Cognitive AI.

The evolution of cognitive computing is just at the beginning stage and are able to perform only the simple and not so important tasks. But with the technological advancements in AI and machine learning, these systems will find applications in more important sectors like banking and finance, healthcare, marketing and many more.

3. Increased Demand for Cloud

Cloud is becoming an essential part of every computing commodity. Also, the developer is making exhaustive use of the cloud for building their applications as it is the technology of the future.

The popularity of machine learning applications has also made the use of intelligent cloud necessary. This will help the companies to stay at the top of the competition. With more technological advancements, the intelligent cloud will be used in more crucial sectors like healthcare, finance and many more. Although it cannot replace doctors or financial advisors, it can certainly assist them in various operations and give the best possible solutions.

4. IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is one single platform where various online and offline electronic gadgets and devices meet in an environment to share data among themselves and draw useful insights.

Examples of IoT can be seen in self-driven cars, smart homes, and many more. The interconnection of various devices will lead to the generation of a huge amount of data. Cloud and data science services will help the IoT by storing and managing this huge data.

5. Business intelligence

Business intelligence services are also becoming intelligent with the use of machine learning in cloud computing. Machine learning and cloud computing are helping the business intelligence companies by handling real-time data, analyzing it and making future predictions.

This also helps in making an interactive dashboard showing data from different dimensions in one place. The collaboration of machine learning algorithms with cloud computing is helping in improving the current situation in business intelligence systems.


Machine learning technologies and cloud computing are changing the world we live in. However, this is just a beginning and this will take some time to be fully functional and to be used in crucial sectors like healthcare, business, and banking.

Machine learning is making data easier to handle over the cloud. With continuous artificial intelligence research in cloud computing, cloud computing will become more and more intelligent. Machine learning will become so important in the cloud that every cloud will be using machine learning.

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