Google partners Unity to address creative and developmental needs of connected games

Google Partners Unity

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Google has announced its strategic partnership with Unity on the space of connected games, addressing the requirements for the developers, with the aim to provide more innovative and immersive experiences for the gamers as time goes.

The partnerships entail building a pack of managed tools and services to create connected games. The first pack will have its eyes on the providence of real-time multiplayer experiences.

Developers will get to use Google Cloud by default while building games with Unity, the leading real-time 3D game, and content creation platform. The experts will get their hands on the cloud service from the development environment of Unity.

Primary features of Google Cloud that will help the developers for connected games:

  • Low-latency player connectivity
  • Fast scaling of game servers
  • Multi-TB memory nodes for containing vast 3D environments

Unity, in the context, has come up with another announcement that it has started exploring the core infrastructure of Google Cloud. Newer possibilities for the developers might very well be on the way!


Google is additionally working with Unity for co-founding an open source project that will connect players in multiplayer games. The tech leader’s approach in gaming is thus sufficed, providing open source and community-driven solutions that are created in association with leading game brands of the world. This project is coming within this summer, with the public launch for downloads and code contributions, as Google says. Busy months ahead for the developers, and anticipations for the gamers, await.

The coming months will see new products and features, and even new games! So, stay tuned and let the developments begin!

Via: Google Blog

Google partners Unity to address creative and developmental needs of connected games