Setting up an online store is demanding, and you will have to face many issues on your way. For you, we have listed six big eCommerce problems along with their solutions.

1. Customer Service

Your customers are extremely important, so if you neglect customer service, it could turn into a problem. If you hide your phone number and email address, people will not see a way to contact you, and they will back away from your store. Online shopping is a matter of trust which you have to build. Without trust, people will hesitate and instead turn to websites that provide them with the reassurance they need.

What to do?

People have to know that your customer service team is available to resolve any issues. Provide a lot of options and make these details clear on every page. Live chat is also a great option.

2. Payment issues

Payment issues are among the most common and biggest issues. Security, convenience, and speed are key elements if you want to build trust and secure your customers. You should make the payment process as easy as possible, so you do not lose your customers’ trust.

What to do?

Get an SSL certificate if you don’t have already so that the payment data is secure. Visit PunchOut Catalogs for a secure purchasing experience with your customers. Customers want payment methods that are convenient.

3. Lost Confidence

Shopping online takes time, and most of the people get distracted while doing it, because either they find a cheaper supplier or they think your website looks shady. This may result in them abandoning the cart.

What to do?

If you are already making the necessary changes to build trust, you need to capture the carts, so they retain the items for as long as possible.

4. Huge Forms

When customers have finished shopping with a cart full of goods, and they proceed to check out, nothing is worse than finding a huge form that they have to fill. Let’s face it; nobody likes to fill forms, let alone on the internet. Your customers may even decide to ditch the cart and leave the site.

What to do?

If you have a long-form, present it in sections, so it does not look that enormous.

5. Poor quality of images

When people buy something online, in almost all cases, they have not seen the product live, which is why they rely on the images that are provided on the website. If your images are not compelling enough, you will lose the customer right there and then. Every product needs at least one image but try to provide more than one with different angles.

What to do?

Your customers should be able to zoom in and out so they can have a better idea of the product. In the case of some products, like a handbag, it is a good idea to show its insides as well and make sure that your customers have a clear idea of the size of the product.

6. Slow Speed

A slow website is perhaps the fastest way to lose customers. People do not have enough time to wait around for the web page to load when there are many other possibilities for them out there. Most of the people search and browse your website before they decide on a product, and while doing that, your website’s slow speed will make them unhappy.

What to do?

Check your website speed through services like Google Page Speed Insights. If your website is indeed slow, consider using a CDN or switching to a better web hosting company.

These solutions will give you a better idea about resolving these issues.

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