As reported, Instagram is working on a standalone app for shopping, a big move towards eCommerce. There are a few details around the plan for now, but Instagram reportedly feels well positioned to make the move. An IG Shopping app would allow users to browse goods from merchants that they follow and seal the purchase inside the app, according to the report.

Instagram is a pretty popular platform and retailers are already using Instagram as a high-end advertising medium to reach to their consumers especially among the younger ones who are native online shoppers.

After IGTV Instagram plans to launch its second standalone app. The new app will be called IG shopping allowing users to pick what they want to purchase by browsing through collections from businesses that they follow. Users also will apparently be able to purchase goods directly from the app.

While IGTV was expected to be intensifying the competition for consumers’ time among ad-supported streaming services such as YouTube, IG shopping is expected to give direct competition to eCommerce websites.

The parent company; Facebook’s recent earnings, 2 million of the 25 million businesses who have Instagram accounts are advertisers. Considering that, a standalone app for shopping could prove very profitable to the company in terms of revenue.

Most online businesses find it necessary to have an Instagram account and many of them would use paid business toll if made available hence appreciating a standalone app. This might turn up to be appreciable by many online businesses.

But so far the information provided has been sourced from people who are familiar with the matter and there has been no official comment made by Instagram.