BMW has been eyeballing what Apple, Google, and Amazon are doing with their voice-activated assistants and thought that it needed to get in on the game. It is readying a digital voice assistant that is familiar with your car’s operations and can learn your preferences over time. Slated for a release in its basic version in March 2019.

The company on Thursday unveiled some features that should be made used intuitively. The BMW personal assistant will respond to “Hey BMW” initially but will be capable of customizing the digital co-driver by changing the vehicle voice assistant’s call keyword.

BMW confirms that the Intelligent Personal Assistant in the future version will be compatible with other major digital voice assistants, so you might be able to personalize and change the name of BMW’s system “Alexa,” to avoid potential confusion later on.

It will also be able to respond to the natural language of complaint. BMW personal assistant will also explain vehicle features and functions. It is to also adjust infotainment settings so that it will be super convenient.

The first version of the Intelligent Personal Assistant is competent in memorizing the vehicle setting preferences. Future versions will be capable of learning and adjusting the settings automatically. One of the marked features of BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is that it can carry on a conversation with the driver.

The system confirms to remember every command, every question, and every setting you make to form a comprehensive profile. This BMW ID will link the vehicle to you and your digital world, so presumably, you could hop in another BMW, enter your ID, and the new vehicle would be personalized.

One future feature that BMW foresees is the ability to take its assistant out of the vehicle and use it more like Alexa or Siri. BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is expected to launch in 23 languages in March 2019 making it a dream car with many smart features for smart devices.