Deciding your favorite restaurant just got easier, courtesy Google Maps

Google Maps

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Deciding where to eat your favorite food can be a hectic task – be it casual dining or a fine dining for a celebration, Google is making it easier. The latest update on the Google Maps app which rolled out on Wednesday will now make life easier for foodies. Google Maps will now let you decide where to go and eat with a list of restaurants, clubs, cafe or bars. Users can also share the list of restaurants with their friends and family on any occasion for the best advice or just starting a discussion.

You can share the restaurant list via any of messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook or a simple message. People present in that messaging group can erase or remove an idea or advice which they don’t like from the list. They can even add more names and ask their friends to vote for their favorite place on the list.

This newest feature is only available in the latest version of Google Maps.

The group planning feature starts rolling out on Android and iOS this week. To get started, download the Google Maps app or update it from the Play Store or App Store.

Source: Google Blog

Deciding your favorite restaurant just got easier, courtesy Google Maps