Microsoft launches the Whiteboard app for iOS and preview on the web

Microsoft Whiteborad

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After first launching on Windows 10, software giant Microsoft announced the availability of the Whiteboard app for iOS and the commercial preview of the app on the web. Taking a step forward in achieving their “vision of a collaborative space for ideation that is accessible from any device and integrates seamlessly into the collaboration workflows teams already use.”

Microsoft Whiteboard, on Windows 10, iOS, or the web, provides the creative space with an infinite canvas. Users can draw, type, add a sticky note or an image, stack things up, move them around, and even open and view their boards, and add and erase ink.

Microsoft Whiteboard helps in team performance whether they are working together in the same space or independently from their own devices.

Moreover, Whiteboard automatically saves boards to the cloud, so users can always pick up right where they left off, whenever they want and wherever they want, thanks to the wide range of devices that supports Whiteboard.

Whiteboard is available for free on iOS devices running iOS 9 or later on the Apple App store. The app is also available for free on devices supporting Windows 10. A Microsoft Account or Office 365 account is mandatory for this purpose. For commercial purposes, the IT admin will need to enable the app after the web app preview goes live over the next few days, in order to make their whiteboards accessible from other devices.

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft launches the Whiteboard app for iOS and preview on the web