New Google Pixel Slate with front-firing speakers made its debut today

Oct 9, 2018, 5:14 pm

Stuti N.

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Google Pixel Slate is totally a new experience, it is not a laptop or any attempt to be a tablet, phone or computer. This comes with all rounded edges, it has 299 PPI display. Custom display of slate is low-temperature poly something LCD, faster response and brighter colors.

Speakers on the sides are surprisingly big sound. It has low-temperature Polycrystalline Silicon, its LCD tech that hasn’t been used much, 100 times faster, moving electrons, front firing speakers are the best kind of speakers one can ever experience.

Three months of YouTube TV free with slate and Pixelbook. Both of the cameras a has a wide angle lense and bigger sensor. Now launcher has machine learning to suggest apps you need at the top.

Google Assistant interface is bigger than it was, its faster too. It is built in virus protection, automatic updates, Titan security chip with a Pixel Slate keyboard which connects via the bottom connector and also has full desktop chrome browser. Pricing for Google Pixel Slate is $599, for Keyboard $199 and pen $99, will be available later this year.

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